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The company ‘New Style’ with its brand for menswear fashion STYLER starts back in 1991. Today STYLER provides wide variety of high quality clothing and accessories and is a symbol of great standard, style and diversity.

The team of the company is comprised of young and ambitious professionals with creative and innovative ideas. Inspired by our customers’ ever- increasing quality standards, our highly skilled specialists are always keeping up with the latest fashion trends and technologies, which we implement in the production of all STYLER’s goods as a guarantee of style and quality.

The key to our success is close attention and consideration of the little details in our value chain - design, manufacturing, distribution and sale of our final product. We can react and adapt quickly to the fast-changing fashion environment and its challenges.

We can always provide the right product at the right time and at the right place. We try to give our clients a taste of our style, sense of colour, pattern and fabric and this is what has maintained our strong relationship with them. Our aim is to provide our clients with high quality products that are tailored fit with their style and way of living.

Considering our customers’ yearning for perfect appearance and comfort STYLER’s online shop provides a variety of different categories of goods that suit every taste. The wide range of STYLER products includes everything necessary for a trendy and distinguished look. Оur experience and innovative approach are a guarantee of the uniqueness and the quality of all products.


за България над 80лв.
Доставка за под 80лв = по цена на куриера за България.

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